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Top 3 Reasons to Choose Exclusive Phone Leads

  At Exclusive Phone Leads (EPL), our #1 priority is to help you grow your business. How do we do that? Simple. By providing an exclusive lead service. In other words, if you are selected to partner with us, you will receive ALL the leads generated from our multi-channel network (websites, articles, videos, social media, etc.). That is why one of the ... Read More »


Business Cost Per Lead  Alarm installers liability insurance £6.00  Architects liability insurance £6.00  Arts and crafts insurance £4.00  Bed and breakfast insurance £6.00  Blocks of flats insurance £6.00  Business liability insurance £6.00  Camping site business insurance £6.00  Car boot sale insurance £3.00  Car boot sale insurance £3.00  Caravan site business insurance £6.00  Care home insurance Unavailable  Charity insurance £6.00  Chip ... Read More »

Earn Up To $50 for Each Paid Offer You Complete

How Taking Online Offers for Cash and Incentives Works… By registering with us you will gain access to our frequently updated database. We will contact you from time to time, via e-mail, to participate in online offers are usually in the form of cash. Our Guarantee Become a member with us today and will credit you with $3.00. We promise ... Read More »

Affiliate Benefits


  Affiliate Benefits • Get Paid More • Highest Payouts Guaranteed. • Exclusive & Unique Offers • Real People, Real Service over the Phone, 24/7 • Real Time Tracking • Get Offers For Your Niche • Get Exclusive Ads — We Will Customize Ads For You Sign up today to become a UniqueLeads Affiliate Thanks for your interest in Unique ... Read More »

Research Services


The Unique Leads suite of research services allows our clients to acquire qualified respondents for custom surveys. We work with your research team to identify a target audience, examine the marketplace of online publishers able to hit that target, then propose the most cost effective approach. Utilizing proprietary technology, we are able to offer the following products: Panel Builder Through ... Read More »

Affiliate Marketing


UNLTrack is an affiliate network that manages performance-based, digital marketing and lead generation campaigns for major online marketers. By utilizing a robust publisher network, best of breed technology and key media placements, our advertising clients are able to achieve their pre-determined metrics on a cost per acquisition basis. By selecting from a wide array of offers and only serving those ... Read More »

Permission Based E-Mail


  Permission Based Email Marketing is a vital component in the digital marketing campaign. Unique Leads, Inc. is an expert in this arena, and has proprietary auto-responder & CRM tools that are utilized by more than 15,000 independent small businesses, and more than 250 enterprise level clientele. Collectively, we manage millions of outbound and inbound emails a day.Clients who are ... Read More »

Advertiser Services

Co-Registration The co-registration industry has evolved, and Unique Leads is at the forefront of the pack. Many firms continue to engage in on-line advertising campaigns that are less than ethical in order to generate leads: opt-out advertising, false offers, and list sharing and re-selling. Practices such as these greatly diminish the power of co-registration and end up harming the reputations ... Read More »

Advertiser Benefits


  Advertiser Benefits • Pay Only For The Offers That Work For You • Get Higher Volume And Quality on Your Offers • Get Guidance by Industry Leaders • Get Customized Ads To Meet Your Goals • Get All the Help You Need With Our 24/7 Customer Service Whether you represent a large, experienced consumer goods company, or you’re in ... Read More »

Affiliates & Advertisers

√ Get Paid More √ Highest Payouts Guaranteed. √ Exclusive & Unique Offers √ Real People, Real Service over the Phone, 24/7 √ Real Time Tracking √ Get Offers For Your Niche √ Get Exclusive Ads — We Will Customize Ads For You √ Pay Only For The Offers That Work For You √ Get Higher Volume And Quality on Your Offers √ Get Guidance by Industry Leaders √ Get Customized ... Read More »